School Residencies

Dance is a wonderful way to get students kinetically involved in their learning.  Students of history could take a break from book learning to experience social dancing in Colonial America, square dancing on the Oregon trail or the acapella play-party games of the early 20th century mid-west.  I teach part- time, thus have a very flexible schedule and can arrange to come to your school daily for a week, weekly for a couple months, or just for an afternoon or evening to put on a dance. 


Past Residencies include:

North American Traditional Dance - The Valley School

Dances of the Oregon Trail - McGilvra Elementary, Seattle

North American Traditional Dance - John Stanford International School

American Folkdance - The Lake and Park School

Contra Dance - Madrona School 6-8th grades


Evening Family Dance Events:

Oak Heights Elementary

Green Lake Elementary

The Bush School

Rogers Elementary

Adams Elementary

Hamilton International Middle School

Highland Park Elementary

Lake and Park School

Hazel Wolf K-8

Bellingham Waldorf School

Phantom Lake Elementary

Brookside Elementary

Saint Thomas School

and more....


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